ThreeFold Press Release


DUBAI - March 30, 2018 - The ThreeFold Foundation, a nonprofit organization, is thrilled to announce the launch of the ThreeFold Token (TFT) and the ThreeFold Grid, a new and neutral Internet.

The Internet today is not neutral, it’s delivered and controlled by a few tech giants. We have a dream to create a new Internet, an Internet which is funded by all of us. To fund and promote the growth of this new neutral Internet we have created a new exciting digital currency called TFT.

This Digital Currency called TFT is a very different type of token:

  • TFT is a real crypto asset, backed by globally decentralized Internet capacity = the ThreeFold Grid;

  • There has been no ICO (Initial Coin Offering); every token created is the result of connecting computer and storage hardware to the Internet;

  • TFTs are mined like Bitcoin but the mining is green and delivers useful Internet capacity: storage and computing capacity for any kind of IT workload = farming;

  • Six farmer cooperatives are active and helping Threefold to onboard new farmers;

  • Our token has implemented atomic swaps (atomic cross-chain trading), an exciting new blockchain technology that enables the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without a centralized exchange. Over ten cryptocurrencies will be supported at launch.

The technology behind ThreeFold Token is unique and open source:

  • A new operating system that delivers Internet capacity at up to 10 times less power use than today’s datacenters;

  • A distributed self-healing system that can manage millions of Internet nodes;

  • A secure, scalable, and green blockchain built using a proof of stake consensus.

We already have more than 100 farmers that are producing capacity worth more than US $50 million, and more are connecting every day.

Everybody is welcome to join the following cooperatives and become a TF Farmer:

BetterToken - Western Europe (Belgium):
Mazraa - Middle East (Dubai, UAE):
Safe City - Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE):
Bancadati - Central/Southern Europe (Switzerland):
Future Capacity - Western Europe (United Kingdom):
Alto Farm - Africa (Mauritius):

We believe that individuals and companies will be empowered by a token designed as neutral cryptocurrency, backed by real assets and intended to last for generations.

– Visit our token website:

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– Connect with us at threefoldtoken chat

Media Contact:

Stela S. Cuesta +971 50 9273907